Brand compliance and guardianship

BRANDED – Brand Management
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The age of acceleration doesn’t just apply to social media. The time from concept to shelf is only getting shorter. Supply chains are increasingly stretched. And yet brands must cater to a global audience.

To make sure your brand doesn’t buckle under the pressure, you need an unshakable grip on quality and consistency. Because how customers perceive your product on the shelf directly impacts your bottom line.

Our brand compliance and guardianship services give you absolute control. Offering extensive print production management, we’re committed to getting it right first time, every time. Guaranteeing consistent print quality and maximizing operational, cost and environmental savings.

BRANDED – Print Color Control

Print color control & printer auditing

Our expert team conducts audits on printers nominated by you. We evaluate aspects like the type of presses, how tight they are, what inks they use, and more. So you’ve got printers that comply to your brand standards in every territory, maintaining global consistency in packaging color.

BRANDED – Color Standards

Color standards

We measure color variation using LAB references to ensure objective consistency. Avoiding any nasty surprises in the journey from computer screen to shop shelf.

BRANDED – Color Standards
BRANDED – Structural Engineering

Structural engineering

Our specialist engineers optimise packaging for sustainability and customer experience. Cutting down on waste, slashing costs, and boosting brand perception.

BRANDED – Print Technical

Print technical

Our print technical team works closely with the design team to ensure assets match up to print specifications, without sacrificing the creative vision.

BRANDED – Print Technical
BRANDED – Instore Auditing

In-store auditing

We’re not afraid of to the legwork. We conduct in-store auditing to identify any anomalies in the final product.

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