We’re a dynamic blend of specialist teams across strategic, creative, technology and production.

With locations in the UK, US, Hong Kong and India, we offer global expertise and round-the-clock delivery.

Combining award-winning imagination, cost-cutting precision and unrivaled experience, we look at everything through the lens of reinvention. From artwork production and messaging, right down to methods and processes.

Drawing excellence from each of our teams, we work with mutual trust and support. We say no to silos and yes to collaboration. Together, we’re strong enough to take risks—and know that they’ll pay off.



Jamie Richards


Positive, Authentic, Consistent

Interesting fact: I travelled the world for many years as an International touring DJ, playing House music across every continent, from big city warehouses to remote beach parties.


Andrew Williamson

Commercial Director

Respect, Integrity, Precision

Favorite new hobby: Being a rubbish skier!

What do you want to see more of? Accountability for Social Network Abuse.


Fay Shirley

Client Services Director

Inclusive, Driven, Vivacious

Favorite new hobby: Travel – my number one passion in life is seeing the world & being immersed in different cultures & cuisines.


Ed Watts

Client Services Director

Supportive, Level-headed, Focused

Interesting fact: I’ve played guitar and been in bands since I was 12 and most weekends I’m playing at weddings, parties and pubs.


Wybe Magermans

Growth Director

Curious, Determined, Warm

New hobby: After graduating with a BA in Architectural Design, I never lost my interest in architecture. But instead of designing structures, I now photograph them for my building porn Instagram


Daisy Benn

MD Brand Creation

Listen, Think, Act

Interesting fact: I have to hold my breath whenever I drive through a tunnel.

Where you have your brightest ideas: Through conversations with my team.


Tony Knight

Production Director

Practical, Dependable, Forward-thinking

Where you have your brightest ideas: My brightest ideas always happen when I am walking my dogs Keith & Frank in Bernwood Forest – the peace and quiet is very rewarding.


Alan Wright

Writtle Director

Compelling, Ambitious, Equitable

A cause you are passionate about: Protecting the beauty that is Planet Earth.

What do you want to see more of: B-Corp values.


Paul Holmes

Head of IT

Driven, Fair, Reassuring

Best part of being at BRANDED: Proud to be part of the best team in the industry! I feel fortunate to be a part of this team and excited about the future.


Dave Hams

Head of Packaging

Friendly, Technical, Experienced

Where you have your brightest ideas: The M25.

What do you want to see more of: People.


Kevin Cain

Operations Director

Adaptable, Equitable, Collaborative

Best part of being at BRANDED: The best thing about being a BRANDED employee is working with a top team of people.


Mark Nichols

Creative Director

Creative, Collaborative, Nurturing

A cause you are passionate about: Educating and nurturing the next generations of creative talent.


Matt Cooper

Technology MD

Adaptable, Authentic, Tenacious

Interesting fact: I still play in a punk band that I started in my 20s!

Most rewarding accomplishment: Being one of the founders of magLabs and seeing the business grow from a handful of people in a cupboard to the thriving business we have today.


George Essex

Senior Vice President U.S.

Gregarious, Determined, Energetic

Most bizarre talent: I am exceptional at apple bobbing.

Where you have your brightest ideas: Running by the ocean.


Layla Zaiat

Marketing Manager

Curious, Compassionate, Assiduous

Best part of being at BRANDED: Starting my journey at BRANDED at such a pivotal moment and being a part of this revolutionary change.


Charanjit Chana

Head of Development

Empathetic, Self-organizing, Analytical

Where you have your brightest ideas: I’ve been painting and drawing more in the last couple of years and it’s quite a relaxing pastime. It helps that the creative juices are already flowing so it’s often that ideas come to me.


Sean Rockley

Head of Marcoms

Professional, Supportive, Motivated

Interesting fact: Big lover of music; soul, disco, house, funk, acid jazz.

New hobby: Triathlons.


Sara Maynard

Photography Producer

Vibrant, Flexible, Caring

Best part of being at BRANDED: Working with highly talented, creative people and developing beautiful imagery together.

Favorite new hobby: Pole dancing, where we all support and push each other to be strong and view the world a different way.


Graham Clark

Head of Quality Control

Loyal, Trusted, Experienced

Interesting fact: A longtime collector of vinyl with over 4000 singles and albums.

A cause you are passionate about: My football team Brentford FC ‘The Bees’.


Kyo Nicole-Padgett

Project Manager

Detail, Create, Initiate

What do you want to see more of: Inclusive design as standard, baseline practice.

Interesting fact: I’m the art editor for Burrow Press Review, a Florida-based online journal and press.


Clare Granahan

Account Director

Friendly, Considerate, Efficient

Best part of being at BRANDED: Working with my friends on a daily basis!


Beth Foulds

Account Manager

Productive, Driven, Dependable

Most rewarding accomplishment: I achieved my 5-year career goal within a year and a half.


Tracy Ashmore

Technical Print Manager

Curious, Friendly, Perfectionist

Where you have your brightest ideas: Gardening.


Emily Farrell

Sustainability Officer

Sincere, Tenacious, Reliable

Passionate about: Fairness. That’s incredibly useful for my Quality and Sustainability work here at BRANDED.


Jackie Singh

Account Director

Intrepid, Pragmatic, Reflective

Passionate about: Climate change, our environment and sustainability.


Candice Chambers

Packaging Delivery Manager

Creative, Adaptive, Motivated

Most rewarding accomplishment: I bought and restored a 1984 Classic 998 Mini! It was a huge learning curve with lots of research and new skills to enable me to strip back the body and engine.


Ben Stewart

Strategy Director

Easygoing, Empathetic, Rigorous

Interesting fact: I’m a qualified garden designer trained at London College of Garden Design, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


George Wheeler


Curious, Balanced, Genuine

Most rewarding accomplishment: The decentralisation of the web and shifting power dynamics in Web3.


Gary Martin

Account Director

Productive, Adaptable, Experienced

Best part of being at BRANDED: The Teams I work with.

Your most rewarding accomplishment: Being a Dad of 4 children.

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