Magnet Harlequin provides a comprehensive range of Creative, Production and Packaging Management Services all of which are designed to meet our customers’ specifications and requirements, while minimising adverse environmental impacts.

Our reputation for building long-term relationships can be attributed to a combination of outstanding customer service and commitment to our proposition and to the environment. In addition, and supporting our success, is a total commitment to the continuous improvement process, all of which is supported by the setting and monitoring of measurable company objectives throughout the business.

Through personal development, skills enhancement and management support all employees are encouraged to identify methods of improving efficiency and increasing service levels to create maximum value for our customers without causing detriment to our planet.

It is the policy of the Company that the services provided are performed to a given quality and that the Company operates in an environmentally responsible manner in the conduct of its business. The provision and maintenance of these services can only be achieved by the commitment of the company’s management and personnel to the Quality Assurance programme.

The company is committed to the following measures to deliver this policy:

  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Minimising paper and energy consumption.
  • Disposing of necessary waste through appropriate channels.
  • Preventing pollution and reporting incidents which may lead to damage to the environment.
  • To do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent contravention of applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Magnet Harlequin subscribes.

It is expected that all personnel will maintain a positive, forward looking outlook to the Management System and Company procedures, monitoring their individual performance against that which is specified. Deviations from the documented procedures will not be permitted without the authority of a Director.

Board of Directors,
Magnet Harlequin