Managing Director’s Policy Statement on Corporate Social Responsibility

Magnet Harlequin Executive Management regard the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility as a mutual objective for all stakeholders of Magnet Harlequin.

The objective of the Company’s policy with regard to corporate social responsibility is to provide a reference point to guide stakeholders, including all employees, on the elements that drive the conduct of the business and relationships in the world in which we operate.

Magnet Harlequin recognises its corporate social responsibility commitments and this is reflected in our:-

  • Standards of business conduct (Code of Ethics)
  • Health and Safety
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Environment
  • Suppliers
  • Community

The Executive Management direct that Heads of Department are responsible to the Managing Director for carrying out the corporate social responsibility policy within the framework of the policy.

All Department Heads and Supervisors are to ensure that arrangements for corporate social responsibility within departments are up to date and accurately reflect company procedures.

Code of Ethics

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Adherence to the law and regulations, and the application of common sense, logic and the basic standards of behaviour expected in the society we live, should guide each employee in determining the correct course of action that supports these standards in their daily working lives.

The standards of business conduct for Magnet Harlequin provide employees with guidance on their personal conduct. A guiding principle should be that neither the Company’s overall integrity nor its reputation would be damaged if full details of the business practice or transaction were publicly disclosed.


Conflicts of Interest

All employees should avoid situations where personal interests could conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the business. Our reputation depends not only on our high quality services and products but also in the manner in which we conduct our relationships with suppliers, government officials, organisations and others outside the Company. Each employee must ensure that his/her conduct does not provide, or give the appearance of providing, him/her with personal gain at the expense of the company or any external business contact.

Making or receiving illegal payments or inducements, such as bribes, are contrary to the policy of Magnet Harlequin and the funds and resources of the company shall not be used directly or indirectly for any such purpose.Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Magnet Harlequin and their employees must obey the laws, rules and regulations of each country they operate in. If there is any doubt, guidance should be sought from the line manager who will decide whether to obtain specific legal advice.

Employees who are involved in the preparation of any information that will be included in any public communication to shareholders or investors must ensure that such information is full, fair, timely and understandable.Protection of Confidential Information

No employee shall without proper authority access, modify, divulge or make use of any trade secrets or confidential commercial company information for any purpose other than legitimately carrying out his or her duties. The obligation of confidentiality extends after employees cease working for Magnet Harlequin and covers disclosure to others.Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets

Our assets provide us with the foundation to provide our services and products. Each employee is responsible for the protection and wise stewardship of our assets. This includes being responsible for the establishment of, and adherence to procedures that ensure our assets are not put in jeopardy or used wastefully.

Whether it is responsibility for, for example, efficient plant and office maintenance, energy conservation, security, protection of information or effective control procedures (including personal expenses), every employee must seek to use all our resources with efficiency, honesty and the highest standards of care.

All employees are prohibited from taking for themselves business opportunities that arise through the use of Magnet Harlequin corporate property, information or position. This includes obtaining personal gain or competing with the company.Relationships with Customers and Suppliers

Each employee has the responsibility to ensure there are no compromises in delivering the highest standard of services and products and that every aspect of our operations which impacts upon quality promotes and reflects these standards. No one should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information or misrepresentation of material facts.

The giving and receiving of gifts, entertainments and gratuities between employees and suppliers or other outside business acquaintances represents a source of potential conflict of interests. Any significant gift likely to be deemed as influential upon decision making is unacceptable.Our Employees

As employees we should treat each other with respect, courtesy and decency. Disparagement, harassment or negative comments regarding fellow employees or business contacts are inconsistent with these standards and every employee should refrain from, and should discourage, such behaviour.

Magnet Harlequin are committed to offering equal employment opportunity, including access to training, development and promotion opportunities, based upon the position and each employee’s abilities, performance and commitment to these standards. Specifically, it is contrary to these standards for there to be any discrimination that contradicts Magnet Harlequin’s Human Resources Policy.

Each employee is to ensure that his/her conduct does not place their personal safety or the safety of others in jeopardy. This requires an active participation in maintaining a safe working environment and includes observance of established safety procedures and making recommendations for changes when they are required. In all circumstances, including when travelling on company business, each employee is to conduct himself/herself in a professional, mature and responsible manner at all times.Compliance with this Code and Reporting of any Unethical Behaviour

All employees are expected to comply with the company standards of business conduct policy, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken which, in the case of serious breaches, could lead to dismissal.

Magnet Harlequin must be made aware of any failure to adhere to these standards. The details of any concern should be reported honestly, accurately and without malice. We will respect the wishes of staff raising concerns if they ask for confidentiality, but Magnet Harlequin may need to act to protect its employees, clients and business. In the first instance, any concerns should be raised with the individual’s line manager, director in charge or any other senior person within Magnet Harlequin with whom the employee feels comfortable. They will either act on the information or pass it to the relevant person who can deal with it.

If the matter is not dealt with in a manner the employee feels is appropriate, or it is not possible to discuss the matter with the line manager for any reason, the matter should be reported to the Managing Director.

Employees should be satisfied that, in making a disclosure, they are acting in good faith and genuinely believe that the information and allegations are substantially true. Magnet Harlequin will respect the wishes of employees raising concerns if they ask for confidentiality but Magnet Harlequin may need to act to protect its employees, clients and businesses. Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the working environment and/or working relationship are not prejudiced as a result of the disclosure.

Any person who acts or attempts to act in a prejudicial way towards a whistleblower will be subject to the disciplinary procedures at Magnet Harlequin.Scope

Every employee and director of the company is expected to comply with these standards and to behave in a mature, professional and responsible manner.Responsibilities

The Managing Director is the sponsor of the standards of Business Conduct Policy.

Department Heads are responsible for implementing, promoting and monitoring compliance with the policy in all their business areas.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Magnet Harlequin health and safety systems are based on HSG65 – Managing for health and safety (HSG65) – which is an HSE document.

The message it conveys is that companies need to manage health and safety with the same degree of expertise and to the same standards as other core business activities, if they are effective to control risks and prevent harm to people.

Magnet Harlequin complies with this approach and this ensures a continually improving health and safety performance.

Magnet Harlequin ensures that compliance with health and safety legislation is the minimum standard we work to. However we endeavour to raise our standards to achieve industry best practice standards.

Each business area working with the health and safety manager is responsible for identifying health and safety risks associated with its activities, and for developing, implementing and maintaining management standards leading to continual improvement in our health and safety performance.

The health and safety manager is responsible for establishing safety objectives and monitoring safety performance in each business area including auditing with an associated programme of risk improvements.

The framework for health and safety at Magnet Harlequin is the ‘stand alone’ health and safety policy document.Scope

The policy statement applies to every business area within Magnet Harlequin.

The health and safety committees comprise both workers and directors for each area of the business. The committees are responsible for raising, discussing and agreeing objectives and standards for health and safety.Responsibilities

Business heads are responsible to the Managing Director for health and safety within their business areas.

The health and safety manager is responsible for the health and safety policy and overall monitoring of health and safety issues, reporting to the Managing Director and to the board at least annually.

Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Magnet Harlequin’s aim is to deliver a competitive and fair employment environment and the opportunity to develop and advance personally and as a company.

This is achieved by the following standards:Equal Employment Opportunity

Magnet Harlequin supports the principle of equal employment opportunity and is opposed to all forms of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Magnet Harlequin companies will conduct their businesses in a way that seeks to ensure individuals are treated equally and fairly and that all employment, training and career development decisions are made on job based criteria.

All personnel are expected to comply with this policy and are required not to discriminate, harass or victimise others. A breach of this policy will lead to disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

The framework for human resources is the company handbook.Recruitment and Development

Magnet Harlequin aims to appoint the best person for the job. All appointments should be based on individual performance and job based criteria.

Magnet Harlequin policy is to encourage employees to manage their own careers and ensures this by providing appropriate job training, and where appropriate, aiming to fill vacancies with existing staff who are suitably qualified and experienced.Communication

Magnet Harlequin policy is to communicate with employees to ensure understanding of the businesses and the impact business decisions have on employees and to obtain feedback and ideas of employees to improve the operation of the business.Redundancy

Magnet Harlequin will manage restructuring by detailed planning, consultation with individuals or elected employee representatives, as appropriate, prior to implementation of redundancies and where job losses are unavoidable, seeking alternative opportunities to minimise the personal impact as far as possible.Scope

The policy statement applies to all staff.Responsibilities

The Managing Director is the sponsor of the company Human Resources Policy.

All managers reporting to him have a responsibility to monitor the implementation of the policies and report back where necessary


Environmental Policy

Magnet Harlequin provides a comprehensive range of Creative, Production and Packaging Management Services all of which are designed to meet our customers’ specifications and requirements, while minimising adverse environmental impacts.

Our reputation for building long-term relationships can be attributed to a combination of outstanding customer service and commitment to our proposition and to the environment. In addition, and supporting our success, is a total commitment to the continuous improvement process, all of which is supported by the setting and monitoring of measurable company objectives throughout the business.

Through personal development, skills enhancement and management support all employees are encouraged to identify methods of improving efficiency and increasing service levels to create maximum value for our customers without causing detriment to our planet.

It is the policy of the Company that the services provided are performed to a given quality and that the Company operates in an environmentally responsible manner in the conduct of its business. The provision and maintenance of these services can only be achieved by the commitment of the company’s management and personnel to the Quality Assurance programme.

The company is committed to the following measures to deliver this policy:

  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Minimising paper and energy consumption.
  • Disposing of necessary waste through appropriate channels.
  • Preventing pollution and reporting incidents which may lead to damage to the environment.
  • To do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent contravention of applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Magnet Harlequin subscribes.

It is expected that all personnel will maintain a positive, forward looking outlook to the Management System and Company procedures, monitoring their individual performance against that which is specified. Deviations from the documented procedures will not be permitted without the authority of a Director.Scope

The policy statement applies to all staff.Responsibilities

The Managing Director is the sponsor of the environmental programme.

The Environmental Manager reports to him and to the board at least annually on the environmental programme.

The Environmental Manager is responsible for overall monitoring of the environmental programme.


Company Ethical Trading Policy

Magnet Harlequin regards suppliers as partners and works with them to help us achieve our policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services by ensuring that the welfare of workers and labour conditions within our supply chain meet or exceed recognised standards.

Each business area is responsible for ensuring all those affected by their supply chain are producing goods and services which adequately meet recognised minimum requirements for worker welfare and conditions of employment.

If Magnet Harlequin has reason to believe that the supplier is not making sufficient progress, then this could lead to the supplier being removed from the approved suppliers list.

Magnet Harlequin reserve the right to cease a relationship with a supplier if it is found that unacceptable practices are being employed such as the use of child labour, forced or bonded labour as well as physical abuse or discipline and extreme forms of intimidation.Scope

The policy applies to all staff in the company.Responsibilities

Overall company ethical trading issues are the responsibility of the Managing Director supported by the Department Heads who are responsible for implementing and monitoring ethical trading policies in the business.


Community Investment Policy

Magnet Harlequin is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through support for appropriate projects, organisations and charities.

Magnet Harlequin sponsors projects within registered local charities such as healthcare, education, disability, children etc.

All employees are encouraged to act as responsible and responsive citizens of their communities and to support projects, organisations and services that work towards the common good and improvement of their community and society.Scope

The policy statement applies to all staff.Responsibilities

The Managing Director oversees corporate sponsorship and charitable giving.