Crushing Vodka Fatigue

Stoli® Vodka is a premium vodka brand that combines modern distilling with century-old traditions.

The Challenge

American consumers were experiencing vodka fatigue. Tired of existing flavors, they saw vodka as a heavier evening drink. Stoli Group asked BRANDED to create a lighter vodka drink designed for sharing and socializing during the daytime.

The Bright Idea and the Brilliant Execution

Stoli® Crushed, a fruit-based vodka drink with a whole new definition of spirit.

Stoli® Crushed was created exclusively for the American market. From concept to rollout, BRANDED ensured the drink spoke to its target audience and put Stoli back on the map.

The Result

Bringing Stoli’s credentials and credibility to a whole new audience gave new life to its growth.

Incremental growth to Stoli’s portfolio in the USA.

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