The agency for ‘the Age of Acceleration’

March 1, 2023

BRANDED repositions as the agency for ‘the Age of Acceleration’ By BRANDED

BRANDED today (1 Mar 2023) announced its new and strategic repositioning as ‘the agency for the Age of Acceleration’.

In times where everything is ‘more’ and ‘faster’, brands face ever-spiralling competition for consumers’ attention and affection. Recognizing this, BRANDED has streamlined its service offering into a single experience, providing clients integrated brand creation, brand implementation and brand management.

With its new message of ‘Bright Ideas, Brilliantly Executed’, BRANDED brings clients brighter creative thinking that cuts through the chaos, combined with execution and delivery to market with unparalleled speed, control and efficiency. The goal? Saving brands time and money, without creative or technical compromise.

This streamlining sees famous sector names Magnet Harlequin and Technik consolidated as BRANDED, whilst creative powerhouse WMH&I and technology partner magLabs retain their independence.

BRANDED’s strategic repositioning coincides with its US growth and the establishment of its new US HQ in Miami to join its offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and India.

“In the Age of Acceleration we understand the challenges that brands face in standing out and staying relevant,” said Jamie Richards, CEO of BRANDED. “Now is a great time to take BRANDED to the next level. With awarding winning creative and efficient, agile delivery we help brands move faster. And make sure they’re built to last.”

With a track record boasting 350+ design effectiveness awards and an average of 25% annual cost savings, BRANDED is seeking brands who are looking to supercharge their growth and surf the Age of Acceleration.

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