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A Juice Drink For Everyone

Hydra Juice is a fruit and water juice drink owned by Multiple Marketing.

The Challenge

Previously marketed as a juice brand with an energy drink attitude, Multiple Marketing were looking for a redesign that could appeal to a wider audience—kids and adults alike. But that juxtaposition is never easy to get right.

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The Bright Idea and the Brilliant Execution

BRANDED dreamt up a creative idea that was based on vivid watercolors to get a sense of fruit, water, and naturalness. We collaborated with brilliant artist Jessica Durrant, whose clients include Vogue, Jimmy Choo, Diptyque and Starbucks.

Jessica used her favorite wet-on-wet technique with India inks, creating dynamic and fluid effects. Hidden within the illustrations are mini worlds, where you can spot people enjoying their active outdoor lives.

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The Result

BRANDED completely revamped Hydra Juice to sit as comfortably in a kid’s lunch box, as it does a 30-something’s sports bag.

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