Better, Faster, Stronger: Hyper Master Artworks For Automated Workflow

Technology is here to stay. And for brands, the potential is revolutionary. But in practice, what does it look like to harness that potential?

John Lewis & Partners is a British brand of high-end department stores. We’ve been working continuously with the retailer for more than two decades.

Over recent years, we collaborated with them on an ambitious goal to develop an artwork automation workflow that works better, faster and stronger.

Our secret weapon – The BRANDED Hyper Master – is now increasing volume, savings and speed-to-market year on year.

The Challenge

Packaging artwork* is one of the most powerful brand assets. As any CPG brand or retailer will know, it needs to be produced to consistently high standards. But with consumer trends in constant flux, brands face more and more pressure to meet demand and bring artwork to market – fast. John Lewis needed a sophisticated solution that could accelerate that speed-to-market, while maintaining accuracy and control.

The Bright Idea and the Brilliant Execution

Inspired by John Lewis’s reputation for high quality and exemplary service, we designed a five-year-plan that incrementally up-levels annual targets for volumes of artworks automated.

Key to the success of this plan is what we call the Hyper Master file – the original template from which artwork is replicated across different SKUs and variants using AI.

Before the automation stage, our developers program the Hyper Master file to work seamlessly across all content and design eventualities. Putting in these guardrails upfront the time upfront ensures airtight quality control and eliminates any (costly) mistakes. Meaning we can automate one Hyper Master file to produce multiple flawless artworks in a fraction of the time.

Of course, we know automation doesn’t equal autopilot. Our dedicated technology innovation team makes it their full-time job to find game-changing ways to continually optimize automated workflows.

The Result – Meaningful Change and Tangible Efficiencies

Responding to John Lewis’s ever-increasing workload, we have increased the percentage of artwork automated year on year, bringing major gains to accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

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