NEFT Vodka: Taking Customers To New Heights

NEFT is a premium spirit brand known for its Austrian-crafted rye vodka. BRANDED’s creative team WMH&I led their ambitious rebrand.

The challenge

Despite its premium price point, NEFT had lost its leading edge. In a highly competitive sector, the brand needed a way to reconnect with its audience — especially ahead of a drive to grow its customer base outside of the US and Nigeria, NEFT’s biggest markets.



NEFT’s target audience is defined by its aspirational, entrepreneurial spirit. And what better representation of this spirit than the mountain: a symbol of universal awe and inner strength.

Inspired by NEFT’s Austrian provenance, WMH&I built out a new brand world based around the concept “The Awe of Mountains Distilled”.

Without altering the logo, we repositioned and redesigned the brand to create a distinctly premium, standout identity.

Neft Case study Example 2

The result

Meaningful change and tangible efficiencies

London Cocktail Week set the perfect scene for the rollout, which included cinematic landscape photography, an Alpine colour palette, and headlines imbued with a sense of greatness.

Capitalizing on a key date in the luxury market meant NEFT was able to connect with a new audience, speaking to their bold self-assurance and uncompromising belief in quality and authenticity.

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