The Future Of Arabic Cuisine

THRYVE™ is a new plant-based food brand rooted in Middle Eastern culture.

The Challenge

Plenty of existing plant-based brands have launched in the Middle East, as demand for healthy and sustainable meat-free alternatives rises. However, none of them had a meaningful connection to the local market.

THRYVE™ wanted to change this. And be the first in the game to create a plant-based meat range that stayed true to regional dishes and culturally native ingredients.

The Bright Idea and the Brilliant Execution

BRANDED were tasked with creating a brand and visual identity that celebrates how eating locally produced, plant-based food allows people and the planet to thrive.

And so the brand name and strap line was born…to THRYVE™.

The next step: creating a visual language to communicate the concept.

The result: a bold yet elegant marriage between the vigor of plant life and the artistic, flowing characteristics of Arabic script, which could speak to a Middle Eastern audience.

The Result

The brand was unveiled, fittingly, on World Vegan Day in 2022, followed by a reveal at the Speciality Food Festival in Dubai World Trade Centre. THRYVE™ will be available in stores throughout the region in early 2023.

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